In this months edition (09-2018) of Watching magazine an article is written about my watch history, vision of watchmaking and future projects.



Meet Stefan Ketelaars, an independent watchmaker to follow (29-07-2018)

Dreaming of time is dreaming of freedom. As luxury, the freedom to create is reserved for young and audacious minds. Stefan Ketelaars is one of them and at only 16 years old this watchmaker decided to make his dream come true by handcrafting his first watches.  Impressed by the visual potential of his creations we decided to ask him a few questions in order to know from which planet the young man comes. An opportunity for you to discover the new horological guard.


Interview with Stefan Ketelaars from Ketelaars Watches (6-7-2018)

Stefan is one of those guys with a magic touch who can create anything he sets his mind to. He started with refurbishing vintage watches and then moved to skeletonizing existing watch movements.

Constantly setting goals and raising the bar, he now creates watches with his own complications.