Owning a Ketelaars

See through the looking glass

All Ketelaars watches are fitted with a high-quality sapphire glass box crystal. The luxurious sapphire glass box crystal offers exceptional legibility and a great view of the watch’s inner workings. From the rotating moon to the visible balance wheel that captures the time in motion.

Highly adjustable movement

The high-quality ETA 6497/98 movements used are highly adjustable, with gold or blue heat-treated screws. Plates provided with a hand-frosted, sunburst or circular ground finish. The mainplates are treated with nickel  in order to get a warm silver color  or a mysterious dark gray with an etching treatment.


Bespoken handmade straps

Ketelaars watches are fitted with high-quality straps made of the finest materials. All our straps are handmade in the Netherlands by our carefully selected supplier. Each strap is unique and crafted with love and attention to the finest detail.


Unique handmade Ketelaars watch boxes

Handmade in collaboration with a master wood-working artisan who helps manufacture the unique Ketelaars watch boxes. The box slides open and reveals the  beauty inside. On top of the box there is a metal plate mounted with the engraved details of the date of birth and unique number of the watch.